How can design old kitchen

Old kitchen restoration is a great way not only to restore old furniture, but also to make the interior of the kitchen more stylish and modern. This task can be managed without the help of outsiders. All you need for this – a good imagination, improvised means and a little free time.

Pros and cons

Self-restoration of kitchen furniture has both pros and cons. It is worth starting with the positives.

  1. Affordability. Repairing old furniture is significantly cheaper than replacing it with new furniture. Therefore, if the family budget is not very large, it is possible to pay attention to inexpensive ways to improve the appearance of your kitchen set.
  2. Practicality. Giving a new life to the old furniture, a person loses the need to think where to put the old kitchen set.
  3. Uniqueness. Deciding to refresh the interior of the kitchen with their own hands, you can make it really unique and not like the others. In such a kitchen it will be pleasant to spend time as family members and guests.

Methods of restoration

There are several basic ways to restore an old kitchen set.

Finishing with self-adhesive film

Quality vinyl film is inexpensive. It can be found in many stores. On sale there are materials with imitations of natural wood, stone or brickwork. Lovers of more original designs should pay attention to the film with beautiful patterns or embossed surface.

The process of gluing the film does not take much time. It consists of the following steps.

  • First it is necessary to make all the necessary measurements.
  • From a large piece of film it is necessary to cut off parts of a suitable size.
  • Then it is necessary to remove the door handles that interfere with the work.
  • Next, the strips of film are carefully removed from the base.
  • Then these parts are carefully glued to the desired surface.
  • After that, the film is straightened. A plastic scraper can be used for this. If air bubbles remain on the surface, they can be carefully pierced with a needle. After that, the selected area is smoothed again with a scraper.
  • Then holes are made on the surface for the fittings. Handles can be attached in place immediately.
  • Cabinets wrapped in vinyl film are not afraid of exposure to moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is very easy to take care of such a surface.

Treatment with chalk paint

This method allows you to change the kitchen almost beyond recognition. Chalk paint is used to paint furniture because of its thick consistency. The paint adheres perfectly to almost any surface.

The process of painting furniture consists of several basic steps.

  • Preparation. The first step is to remove all fittings from the kitchen furniture. The floor, walls, countertop and apron should be covered with film. Parts that will be painted, cleaned of grease and dirt. For your convenience, facades can be removed in advance and placed on the floor. This way it will be more convenient to work with them.
  • Priming and sanding. It is not necessary to clean the surface from the old coating. But if the kitchen garnish looks sloppy, it is worth cleaning it from the paint. After that, it is recommended to apply two layers of primer to the surface. When it dries, it should be treated with a sandpaper. This way the paint will adhere to the base better.
  • Painting. Having finished with the preparation, you can proceed to the main work. The paint is usually applied in 2-3 layers. Thanks to this, the color turns out more saturated. If you want to paint a dark coating with a light material, you must apply it in 5-6 layers.
  • Lacquer treatment. After painting, cabinets can be additionally varnished. It should be applied with a new synthetic brush. The layer of varnish should dry for at least 24 hours.


Another good way to change the appearance of an old headset is to decoupage the surfaces. For the work, you can use both special blanks and ordinary three-layer napkins with a favorite pattern. The process of interior renovation looks quite simple.

  • First of all, it is necessary to treat the surfaces to be decorated with degreaser or alcohol.
  • Next, it is necessary to separate the layer with the pattern from the cloth and cut out a piece of suitable size.
  • The back side of the pattern should be smeared with a layer of PVA glue. Immediately after that, the detail is fixed on the facade in the right place. It is carefully smoothed with a brush. Move from the center to the edges. Surplus adhesive is gently removed with a soft sponge or an unwanted cloth in the process.
  • Do the same with the rest of the details. Arrange them on the facades at your discretion.
  • When the glue dries, the surface should be coated with acrylic varnish. Apply it in 2-3 layers. This makes the decor more stable. Each layer of varnish should dry for 24 hours.

Restoration of wooden furniture

Furniture made of natural wood is liked by many people. It is durable and looks good for many years. But even the highest quality furniture over time loses its attractiveness and is covered with small cracks and scratches. Restoration of kitchen furniture made of natural wood can be done without the help of specialists.

In some cases, the furniture may require more serious restoration. This procedure consists of the following steps.

  • The facades must be carefully dismantled and freed from the old fittings.
  • The surface must be treated with fine sandpaper. Particularly careful should act in the case if the facades are embossed drawings.
  • Then the surface is wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Then two layers of primer must be applied. Each of them must dry well.
  • After that, the surface needs to be varnished. In a ventilated room coating layer dries for 24 hours. It is necessary to apply the coating in 2-3 layers. Each of them should be thinner than the previous one.

Original decor ideas

Separately, it is worth talking about how to decorate your kitchen set.


Quickly change the appearance of a minimalist kitchen will help simple moldings. They can be found in many specialized stores. It is most convenient to glue them to the surface with liquid nails.

Replacing fittings

This is another quick way to update the appearance of cabinets. Small parts are easy to find on sale and replace yourself.

To make the room look more unusual, designers most often use originally shaped handles. On sale you can find vintage products in the form of massive rings or spoons. Such stylish details are liked by many people.

Vinyl stickers

Stylish stickers are now often used to decorate not only laptops and phones. They are also used when decorating rooms.

Small stickers help hide minor chips and scratches. In addition, they add bright colors to the interior. Most often, stickers related to food and cooking are used to decorate the kitchen room.


Decorating the kitchen in the rustic style, you can remove broken or unkempt looking furniture doors and replace them with colored curtains. This will look quite nice.


If a person is fond of painting, then his creative skills can be applied and in the process of updating the appearance of the kitchen set. For painting facades, it is best to use acrylic paints. They adhere well to the surface and do not fade over time. You can depict on the fronts as full paintings, as well as some small things.

Useful tips

Simple tips from more experienced people can help in the restoration of kitchen furniture.

  • When planning to paint the surface, it is better to check the quality of the material on a small piece of furniture. This will help to make sure that the result of the restoration will look beautiful.
  • If the cabinets have glass fronts, during the “upgrade” of the kitchen they can be replaced. You can use both clear glass and colored glass. A more budget-friendly way is to use self-adhesive film. Transparent material with patterns or imitations of stained glass is usually used for glass decoration.
  • When choosing the basic materials and small parts that will be used in the work, you should make sure that they match each other well. Before you buy all the necessary products, it is best to think in advance about the future interior to the smallest detail and make an appropriate list.
  • Changing the appearance of the kitchen set, it is necessary to deal with the improvement of other furniture. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money. You can just buy new home textiles, glue the shelves and work surfaces vinyl film or cover them with a thin layer of varnish.