How to design outdoor kitchen

A luxurious living room next to the pool or a gorgeous pergola, an outdoor kitchen area is now just as necessary… Modern homes are blurring the lines between the room and the world outside. This need to expand living space has led to a number of home design trends. 

It can be the completion of a fun and casual water feature or a fabulous rooftop terrace with amazing views. The culinary area will allow you to get a real vacation with family or friends in more style.

Functionality ahead of form

One of the main factors to consider when planning is functionality. Always remember that form only comes after practical value, and it doesn’t matter if it’s outdoors or in the house. If you can strike the perfect balance between both, that’s great!

But first think about where it will be located, how it should “work” together with the pool or terrace, living room or anything else in its surroundings. Remember, you’ll need the appliances depending on what style of cooking you’re using and what dishes you’re thinking of creating there.

If you’re not going to place large units, or only want to separate your indoor kitchen area from the outdoor area with glass sliding doors, a small and independent one is ideal.

Find the Right Place for outdoor kitchen

When choosing a place for it, consider not only its own and the party area, but also try to have it in close proximity to the main kitchen. That way it will be easier to cook. Local weather conditions, sun, shade, and orientation of the house are also important so that nothing will interfere with your enjoyment of your party.

Stylish social center

The social center is important here, too, and it should encourage interaction and be a fun gathering place with loved ones. So instead of making the kitchen lonely, consider creating an epicenter for hanging out, a dining area with designer outdoor furniture where you can relax in a casual setting.

The distance between all of the above shouldn’t be long, because we don’t want isolated areas, but rather the opposite. Create an overall connection between them with textures, finishes, colors and a unified style.

Getting into the cool shade

Whether you like a simple wooden pergola attached to a residential building or a small cottage-style house, any idea will be terrific. Most modern apartments have balconies, and agree that if there is no shelter of any kind on a private property, it is imperative to make one so you can hide from the elements. It will protect your cooking furniture, stove, grill and more from rain, snow, wind, sun and dust.

Expansion indoors

A comfortable living room, complemented by an outdoor cooking area, and the interior style can be directed to the yard or terrace, become an extension, as we noted above. Glass walls and large windows will emphasize this effect, fill it with aesthetic aspects.

Fire, light and action

As always, lighting is the main, key element that will enhance the appeal of the kitchen. Since most parties start exactly at sunset and continue until late at night, it’s important to choose the perfect light.

It should be an accent for some structural features, in short, what you want to highlight. You could also turn on an electric fireplace with a flame effect, or better yet, throw some wood in a real one, and the evening will be a glorious one!