What is a country kitchen design

When the surrounding reality does not bring moral satisfaction, a man, tired of the noise, bustle and dust of the city, wants after a hard day to be in a place where he will be able to rest his soul. Country style in the kitchen interior will transform almost any room, turning it into an island of tranquility and homeliness that you need.

Country style has many faces and international, combining the idea of country life of representatives of very different cultures, at the same time allows you to create a comfortable and modern functional interior. And all the elements of the furnishings are of high quality, solid, made as if for the century and reliably, and useless knickknacks here simply have no place. Therefore, the interior of the room looks very appropriate and organic.

Varieties of

Having come to us from the American countryside, over the years, this direction has acquired many varieties. 

Interior in the spirit of the Wild West

Rough, as if untreated, massive wooden furniture, floor beams on the ceiling, Indian decorative elements, leather inserts, walls are decorated with images of endless prairies, in flower pots, decorated with Indian boots or a cowboy hat, cacti grow.

French Provence

Characterized by soft lines and warm, pastel colors. Favorite Provence colors are soft lavender, lettuce and cream. An obligatory element is the open china cabinet, where housewares and porcelain dishes are displayed.


The shades are natural, the interior design uses light monochrome or striped fabrics, the dishes are ceramic, and the accessories are marine-themed.


Whichever of the varieties you have a preference, the design of the kitchen in the country style implies a number of unchanging parameters, which are similar to each other:

  • in the finishing of the walls dominated by natural materials – textiles, wood, stone;
  • a touch of antiquity, deliberate light wear and tear, is not only appropriate, but even desirable;
  • the color palette is not garish, mostly light, natural shades;
  • handmade furniture and decor elements are welcome;
  • in the finishing used national ornaments, floral or plant motifs;
  • Country style kitchen reflects the cultural identity of the country that inspired its creation. For example, having created a rustic interior, you can safely complement it with restored samovars, matreshkas, openwork napkins, etc.


It is worth noting that this direction in design is not a pleasure for everyone. Young people, most likely, will consider such a design somewhat boring and outdated. However, older people, who have learned to appreciate calmness and comfort, will definitely appreciate the undeniable advantages of this direction.

  1. Comfort and a sense of peace, put at the head of everything. To provide it and create an atmosphere of a rural idyll, natural materials, original ornaments, convenient household appliances and utensils are used;
  2. Only environmentally safe and non-toxic materials are used;
  3. Soft, smooth and natural forms help to turn away from external cares, and relax the soul;
  4. Substantial, comfortable and monumental furniture, an abundance of cabinets and shelves, allowing housewives to place any necessary items within reach;
  5. The use of natural wood in the manufacture of furniture and finishing allows you to significantly extend its life;
  6. The effect of artificial aging of furniture helps to give the interior an antique and noble look.


We hasten to notify fans of screaming shades, that the kitchen in the style of country is not for them. This island of tranquility in your home should be painted in pastel soft tones. Creamy, milky, soft yellow, classic white, light purple, sky blue, pale pink will not only create the right atmosphere of coziness, but also visually expand the walls, make the room more light. Furniture fronts also can not boast a riot of colors, they are usually in a soft, natural palette with a matte finish. Dark colors are assigned the role of accents, they highlight and emphasize certain zones and areas of the room.


Design of the kitchen in the country style provides for the use of eco-materials. Now your stay in the “temple of food” will always be accompanied by the smell of wood and the coolness of natural stone, creating an aura of peace and quiet. The main materials for finishing:

  • roughly treated wood (at most, its worthy imitation);
  • red brick;
  • natural stone;
  • hand-painted ceramic tiles;
  • roughly worked, homespun textiles such as linen and cotton;
  • wicker vine products;
  • decorative plaster in light pastel tones imitating whitewash.


For the design of the room, the finishing of the walls, ceiling and flooring is of great importance. If they are done in accordance with the intended design – you will get the most real kitchen-country.


The decoration of the walls should be made without forgetting that all the elements of decoration and furnishings should be harmoniously combined, reminding with their appearance of the rustic way of life. Therefore, forget about the fleece wallpaper, plastic and drawings, abstracts.

The options for decorating the walls can be as follows:

  • Painting. Shades of warm (cream, creamy, vanilla, light pink, light gray or basic white);
  • The feeling of repair with their own hands will strengthen the decorative plaster on the walls, the kitchen in the country style will acquire a touch of simplicity and old-fashionedness;
  • Covering the walls with wallpaper of pastel colors with a pattern in a small flower, checkerboard or with an ethnic ornament;
  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles for decorating the work area;
  • Cladding the walls with wood will help to recreate a rural life;
  • Simple, laconic and natural looks decoration of the walls with brick, that’s just in rooms of small size, this option of decoration is combined with painting or wooden panels, as completely brick kitchen with all its beauty will visually decrease in volume and will look gloomy.


Modern materials such as linoleum or carpeting will not look appropriate. A classic option is the laying of wooden boards, natural stone or ceramic tiles on the floor. Because of the technical complexity of laying and reducing the overall height of the kitchen, the first two options are preferred for private homes. 

In apartments, they are usually replaced with laminate flooring that imitates natural wood or stone, or ceramic tiles. And when it is laid using the largest possible plate size, the joints on the floor should be a minimum amount. If the floor is lain wood, it is treated with minimal, which ensures preservation of all its properties, allowed the painting or varnish coating.


Beamed ceilings – a traditional variant of finishing the ceiling for the kitchen. However, conducting repairs in urban apartments, this option is often not appropriate, so it is safe to change it to whitewash or paint the ceiling in white or beige, and its surface does not have to be perfectly flat. 

Some roughness and imperfection are elements of the country style. The installation of a matte stretch ceiling will be appropriate in both country houses and apartments, as it absolutely fits into the chosen style and hides only about 4 cm of the total height of the room.

Doors and Windows

For the kitchen-country doorways and the canvas are most often painted in light colors and specially aged. To increase the inflow of natural light into the room, even the entrance doors include glass inserts.

If desired, to contrast with the bright walls, doorways can be decorated with unpainted natural wood of dark species. Window openings are preferably made of wood, painted white. Installation of the so-called “French window” from floor to ceiling with a few sections of sashing is appropriate.

In the kitchen in the style of American ranch often window and door openings are framed with natural or artificial stone, the same as the lining of the work area.


The country style kitchen is sunny and bright. To strengthen this effect, the natural light coming from the windows and doorways is combined with artificial light. A chandelier is suspended over the dining area, and the work area and kitchen shelves are separately illuminated. 

If space allows, on the walls are installed decorative sconces, designed in the form of antique lanterns, gas burners. For the hut are appropriate lamps, made in the form of lamps and candles with lampshades of simple shape.


This is what your imagination can play with, because it is easy and pleasant to be here. Everything breathes with a sense of antiquity, comfort, identity and peaceful simplicity. Superfluous pomp and pretentiousness is simply inappropriate.

1. The fronts of the kitchen set are wooden or veneered. May have glass, carved inserts;

2. Massive or lightweight kitchen cabinets with open shelves, where will be decorated the pride of every housewife – beautiful and practical dishes, a variety of household sundries, boxes with spices and tea;

The dining area massive of raw wood or more like garden furniture, lightweight rattan with forged elements and a glass top.


Since country is an old-fashioned style, all modern appliances, which by default contradict the rural life, if possible, it is better to “hide” behind the doors of cabinets and drawers. Hood, kitchen stove and sink are chosen in a retro style, such a range can be easily found in any major store of household appliances.

Decor and accessories

Textile elements are chosen from simple, rough, monochrome fabrics, dyed in natural colors or with unobtrusive patterns, plaid, lace, depending on the general direction of design.

Clay pots with plants or wide wooden boxes with fresh herbs like dill, parsley and basil would adorn a wide windowsill. Decorate the interior with accessories cute for heart and eyes:

hand embroidery;


wicker baskets, boxes of wicker or metal;

pottery, earthenware, or wood utensils in cabinets and porcelain dishes hung on the walls.

homespun rugs, crocheted tablecloths and napkins.