What is a popular kitchen decor in 2023

Popular trends in kitchen decor today are quite a lot. This is a Scandinavian style, and neoclassical, it is certainly and loft. However, all of them are developing, borrowing from each other different solutions. For example, one of the trendy styles in 2022 – japandi combines Scandinavian and Japanese styles. This style is characterized by coziness, warmth and tranquility.

All modern interior styles today are mixed and are equally distinguished by one interesting feature – brevity. Both classic interiors and industrial interiors are becoming minimalistic, neat, restrained and cozy. So what will be in trend in 2023 and what style to choose to design the kitchen will be relevant for many years?

Warm minimalism – the trendy interior style of 2023!

This year we have already talked about the main demanded trend in residential interiors today and it is warm minimalism – it combines the aesthetics of minimalism and a sense of homeliness by using various features of other styles. This style is perfectly balanced and versatile thanks to its color scheme – pastel and neutral shades with natural materials such as stone or wood.

Next year this trend will be even more in demand due to its versatile form, but at the same time transformed by more juicy accent solutions. This is especially true for kitchen furniture, because fashion does not stand still, there are new color solutions from manufacturers of paints, new textile design, different decors in the facade materials and finishing materials. We present you kitchen interiors in the most popular styles with trendy colors that are laconic and cozy.

Kitchen with the natural character and charm of Provence in sage color

Sage is a natural and natural shade of green, which in turn gives the room a freshness, perfectly combined with classic black or white, as well as with wood and natural stone. This color and its shades are ideal for the soulful atmosphere of a rustic home, calm, peaceful and at one with nature.

Corsica milled fronts

Facades with milled “Corsica” is a universal and one of the most balanced types of facades. The design has a classic millwork on one side, but the beveled smooth transition makes the kitchen minimalist, without obvious cognate signs of a particular style. These fronts would be suitable for classic, neoclassical, Scandinavian and of course Provence style kitchens.

Kitchen with the atmosphere of coziness and Scandinavian character in the color “Indigo”

Indigo is the dark blue color of harmony and serenity on the one hand, and comfort on the other. Kitchen in this color will look solid, especially when combined with wood decors. Beige fronts with a mauve hue are perfect for accents, and at different times of day they take on a common color. For example, during the day they are almost white, and in the evening with additional artificial light they take on a shade of ‘Coffee with milk’.

Milled fronts ‘Viking’

This type of facade milling is the most minimalistic and versatile. The design is minimalistic without being massive and rigid. Will suit almost any style of interior, including even such a modern trend as minimalism with straight monochrome fronts.

Kitchen in the luxurious style of restrained “Classics” in mauve

A light shade of purple is a pastel and light, mysterious and very delicate color for the interior, especially in a shade that only partially resembles purple. Its hue, which borders on beige, makes it versatile and neutral. It integrates perfectly with any lighting scenario, both in natural and artificial light.

Hanover milled fronts

The design of fronts with milled “Hanover” is a restrained, austere and yet expressive design for the kitchen, which is ideal if you prefer a classic, neoclassical, Scandinavian style, but in a concise form. Despite the emergence of modern and fashionable trends, classic kitchens remain popular and in demand. Versatile and impeccably stylish – the unshakable basis of the interior in the original classic style.

Kitchen with industrial austerity and warmth of loft style in “Taupe” color

“Taupe” is one of the most versatile and sought-after pastel shades of brown. It is soothing and relaxing depending on the surroundings. Combined with dark brown fronts and black countertops, it adds softness, warmth, and comfort to an austere kitchen, as if smoothing out the sharp corners and straight lines of industrial space.

Milled facades “Line”

The “Line” line of facades is a fluted milled design in modern and classic formats. In this version, we have chosen the milling with smooth lines and shallow grooves to make the industrial atmosphere with strict lines softer at the expense of smooth shapes.

An understated neoclassical kitchen with a bright accent in the color “Terracotta”

Terracotta is a defiant, extravagant and energetic red in a soft floral hue. Neoclassical interior, combines tradition and innovation, retains all its charm over time, resisting a radical change in trends. Therefore, the restraint of light milled fronts is balanced by a bright accent. This color is pleasant to perceive in everyday use.

The milled fronts of Delia

Delia is a milled fronts with a pronounced neoclassical character. The pattern of the milling combines both strict lines and graceful smooth transitions, complementing each other, and thus combining the expressive classical lines and the restraint of modern minimalist style.