What is the best app to design a kitchen

Dreaming of remodeling an old kitchen or moving into a new home where you have to do everything from scratch? Then you need to decide on the style of the interior, finishing materials and appliances. Carry out kitchen planning by yourself without a designer – a good software will help to visualize the idea and think through the details. In this article, we will tell you how to make a kitchen design yourself for free in the program on the computer, mobile applications, as well as online services.

The best programs for designing a kitchen on the PC

On a computer or laptop it is most convenient to make projects, because in this case you will not depend on the speed of the Internet and site failures. In addition, computer software is more functional and powerful. Here we will consider the most popular.

Google Sketchup

A great program for creating a kitchen from Google, with which you can make a modern and stylish project. Google Sketchup is suitable for both professional designers and amateurs. It knows how to work with layers, which means you can edit elements of utilities separately from furniture or decoration.

Sketchup features:

  • “smart” 3D modeling software;
  • fine detailing – even the thickness of a kitchen countertop can be set;
  • the ready styles from the library can be adjusted to “personalize” your own style.


Professional kitchen design software for engineers, architects and designers. Without special knowledge to make the project will not be easy, but the result will justify the effort invested. You can draw a kitchen from scratch or use pre-made figures in your work. To work in AutoCad, you will need RAM of 8 GB and a fast processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz.

AutoCad features:

  • development of 2D projects and 3D models using bodies, surfaces and grid objects;
  • well-thought-out interface with floating windows;
  • ability to connect to cloud storage;
  • professional tools to create drawings;
  • several users can work on the project.

Sweet Home 3D

A great solution how to make a kitchen design on your computer by yourself. The free Sweet Home 3D has a user-friendly interface that makes the work interesting and easy. While drawing your kitchen you will be able to see a three dimensional image at the same time in the top view mode.

The features of Sweet Home 3D:

  • you can write your own plug-in that extends the program’s capabilities;
  • the option “virtual visit”, which allows you to fully appreciate the design;
  • the plan is supplemented with information about the area of the room, ceiling height, etc;
  • there is a catalog of textures for surface design.

Home Plan Pro

Program for the design of the kitchen or the whole country house, which will be able to schematically indicate where the furniture, windows, doors and the like will be located. You can draw a rough draft in the editor in a few minutes. For new users, the software is free for a month.

Home Plan Pro features:

  • project exports to DXF, PDF or popular raster formats;
  • convenient printing – it is easy to adjust the scale of the plan to the size of the paper;
  • a large collection of ready-made shapes – doors, windows, arches, and more;
  • there is online help for working with the program.

FloorPlan 3D

You can also download FloorPlan 3D kitchen designer – a good solution for creating an uncomplicated design project. The program is not popular with professionals because of the small set of tools, but for home use is excellent. Quality graphics, user-friendly interface, saving drawings in a popular format – all this will help in the design of the kitchen of your dreams.

Features of FloorPlan 3D:

  • more than 600 objects of furniture and decor in additional libraries;
  • room design with different textures;
  • layered design – for example, you can design a two-level ceiling in the kitchen;
  • bill of materials with the ability to export to Excel.


Free editor for interior and exterior design. Suitable for those who save space on the PC, because it weighs only 4 mb. In it you can use your own drawings made on paper. You take the scheme, load its scanned version into the editor, and the tracing mode translates 2D lines into three-dimensional format. You get the basis of the project, which only needs to be refined.

Features of DreamPlan:

  • creating 3D design of rooms;
  • viewing the project as a drawing, 3D model and 2D rendering;
  • you can load the necessary colors and textures.

Home Designer

The software is based on professional architectural software technology from Chief Architect. In the process of drawing the walls, the editor designs a 3D model of the kitchen, and when a window or door is placed, they are automatically inserted, changing the design of the room. Each object in the catalog is added to the list of materials, which allows you to immediately calculate the cost of the project.

Home Designer features:

  • saving panoramic images of the kitchen;
  • there are ready-made kitchen projects that you can adapt for yourself by downloading the necessary cabinets, appliances, d├ęcor, etc. from the library;
  • preparation of construction documents for printing;
  • 80 video tutorials and 500+ articles with practical tips on how to design your own kitchen and design other rooms.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Software designed for professionals – architects, engineers, designers. The software is designed for creating 3D models as well as animated graphics. The main feature of the program is that you can create the most thoughtful design, where all the textures, lighting, rosettes.

Features Autodesk 3ds Max:

  • working with splines – you can easily draw complex shapes, such as a curved bar;
  • editing chamfers – edges and beveled parts on countertops, cabinets;
  • finishing of materials and textures – adjustment of carving, gloss, etc;
  • available effects and animations that make projects realistic.